Opening times
Daily 10am-6pm

Opening times
Daily 10am-6pm

National Forest Maize Maze 2016 – Dinosaurs Awaken

The maze story…
A palaeontology team have discovered a huge T-REX fossil here in the maize maze at the Adventure Farm. They were astonished to also find ‘live’ dinosaurs! The fossil bones are still in the maze and team refuse to go in and retrieve them so we need your help.

10 Acre Maize Maze
There are 10 bones to collect spread throughout the 10 acre maze in the design of a T-Rex fossil skeleton. Stamp your quiz sheet each time you find a bone and post your entry at the maze end point to be in with the chance of winning a family weekend in London.

Dino-Babies Mini Maze
Find all the dino-babies hidden in the short mini maze and collect the stamps as you go. The mini maze is ideal for those with shorter legs or those with restricted mobility.

Raptor Run
If you’re feeling really brave, face the dinosaurs and take on the Raptor Run in the maze. You’ll need your wits about you to get past the live T-Rex and Velociraptor and collect a dinosaur egg from the nest.

Dinosaur Training
Watch our handler train our T-Rex and Velociraptor!

Panning for Fossils
Join the Fossil Creek Mining Company and sieve away the sand to discover fossils and gemstones to take home. (£2 per go)

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