Maize Maze

14 July – 3 September

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All the fun of the farm plus our huge 10 acre Maize Maze!

Escape Maze: Agent Academy

Take on the world’s first Escape Maize Maze!

To prove yourself as the next top spy you need to graduate Agent Academy! Solve a series of mental and physical challenges to collect the lock combination you need to escape the maize maze. Watch the video below to receive your mission…

You’ll navigate 3 miles of paths, bridges and viewing towers to find your way out! The maize will grow to 2.4m (8 feet) over the summer!

Dr Von Steal’s Mini Maze

For younger agents there is also a mini maze where you can free the Farm’s animals that have been kidnapped by an evil mastermind and need rescuing!

Mission Possible Obstacle Course

Commando crawl under netting, squeeze through tyres, climb under and over hurdles and take aim in our Nerf gun range.

Watch the video for your mission… should you choose to accept it!

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