North Pole Adventure

To begin your North Pole Adventure, your child will receive a personalised ticket from Father Christmas himself!
(You will collect this on the day)

At your selected time, you’ll head to check-in and collect your passport and Elf Coins before setting off on your journey!

Next, you will head through the magical portal to the North Pole!

Then you can explore the Victorian High Street (which includes the wonderful Sweet Shop and little Pub!) to exchange your elf coins for Sweets or a Mince Pie and Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate or Squash!

Following on, you’ll be needed to help the Elves sort the parcels in the Post Office!

Then, you’ll be needed to help decorate Gingerbread
with Mother Christmas!

Afterwards, meet our magical talking Polar Bear who will personally mention every child within the Ice Cave!

Following this, the Elves need help fixing the Toy Machine to save Christmas!

Warm up your vocal cords, as you’ll next be singing festive songs with Silvermist the Reindeer!

Help keep the Elves on time
by ringing the bells!

It’s time for your family to enjoy a very special meeting with Father Christmas!

Finally, choose a gift from
the large variety in the Present Parlour!

If you have any queries, please call us on 01283 533 933 or email
National Forest Adventure Farm, Postern Road, Tatenhill, Burton on Trent, DE13 9SJ.
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