New Arrivals at the Farm!

We are very excited to welcome Nelly,  our new rare breed pig and her piglets to the Adventure Farm, recently purchased after winning 2nd prize at the Staffordshire County Show.

Nelly is an Oxford Sandy Black, a rare traditional breed which is one of the oldest in England (dating back 300 years). The breed, also known as the “Plum Pudding” or “Oxford Forest” pig, has nearly been extinct twice. However, due to a concerted effort they are not slowly but steadily increasing in number.

They are known for having lovely temperaments and they make excellent mothers as well as producing very good quality meat. They make very good outdoor pigs, being very skilful foragers!  One of Nellie’s youngsters looks like being a future show piglet, displaying the key characteristic of 14 even teats, 7 down each side.

With their distinctive colouring of black spots on brown, they all make a very attractive family and the piglets are full of fun and already a great hit with our visitors.

National Forest Adventure Farm