Opening times
Daily 10am-6pm

Opening times
Daily 10am-6pm

Membership FAQs

How do I become a Member?
You can join at the Adventure Farm on the laptops in reception or at home via Should you need assistance completing your Membership forms, our staff will be pleased to help. If you would like to pay monthly you will need your bank account details.

How do I get my Membership Card?
Once you have joined online, either at home or at the Farm, please have your photograph taken for your Membership card at the front entrance. Your Card will be then be produced and you will be given a Membership pack.

Can I upgrade to Membership on the day of my visit?
If you have paid the visit the Farm and then want to become a Member on the same day we will give you the value of you day visit in Scarecrow Joe Restaurant Voucher.

What is the Price Guarantee?
We won’t put your Membership price up for as long as you continue your Membership. To ensure this if you pay annually, please renew before your 12 months are up. If you pay via Direct Debit you don’t need to do anything, your payments will continue until you decide to end your Membership.

Why do I have to pay for 2 months upfront on Direct Debit?
We ask that you pay 2 months upfront as a guarantee of your Membership. Subsequent payments will be taken from monthly.

How long is a Membership for?
A Membership is for a minimum of 12 months. If you are paying monthly via Direct Debit, your payments will continue after 12 months until you end your Membership.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment?
We will attempt to take the payment from you 3 times. If this is not possible, we will unfortunately have to end your Membership. If your Membership is cancelled, should you wish to re-join as a Member, you will not be permitted to join the Direct Debit scheme.

What happens if I cancel my Direct Debit before the initial 12 months?
Any Member cancelling their payment within the first 12 months will be expected to pay the outstanding balance. We reserve the right to recover any outstanding payment via court proceedings. Should you wish to re-join as a Member, you will not be permitted to join the Direct Debit scheme.

How old do I have to be to get a Senior Citizen Membership?
60 -We may ask for proof (60 is the new 40 after all!)

What documentation is needed to prove disability and to have a free carer?
When you have your photo taken for your Membership card, please bring with you one of the following:
Valid Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance award letter
Valid Personal Independence payment award letter
A current valid Blue Badge
A valid letter from your GP stating the need for a carer dated within the last 6 months.
I want to pay in cash no online, can I still join?
Yes you can still join. You need to pay the full amount at the farm’s front entrance. You will then be given an offer code to the value of the Memberships you are purchasing that you can use when applying online.

How can I find out my Membership expiry date?
Log on to your account and select ‘memberships’

How do I renew my Membership?
Around month before your renewal date you will be sent an email detailing your options.

How do I end my Membership?
Membership is for a minimum of 12 months. Your membership will end on your expiry date (except for Gold Direct Debit members which will automatically renew). Should you wish to renew your membership around month before your renewal date you will be sent an email detailing your options?

I had received an email from Go Cardless saying my Subscription has ended. Does this mean my membership has expired?
No, it just means you have completed payments for the full year’s membership. You can log in to your membership account to check you expiry date:

Can I change my Direct Debit payment date?
Sorry, no we cannot change the date as it is based on when you took out your membership.

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